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About Robyn

Throughout my 35+ year career, I have worked with a huge range of clients who have all had one thing in common: they really wanted to feel better.
It’s a feeling I know well, having had serious health challenges since birth. The significant time I’ve spent in consulting rooms and hospital wards – both as a patient and a practitioner – has made me fiercely passionate about guiding people to be at their best; in body, mind and spirit.


My Experience + Ethos

My background as a chartered physiotherapist gives me a wonderful foundation in the science of the human body, and has served as a vital launchpad for all the holistic disciplines I have gone on to explore.
Years of subsequent training in acupuncture, myofascial release, energy integration, six sensory intuition and DRU yoga have all shaped how I work with people today – an inherently holistic approach that addresses every level of a client’s being.

This work is underpinned by my strong belief that we all have a healing inner wisdom that is readily available to us when we make the time to tune in. It is often in our most challenging periods that we really need to pause, listen and reset. But naturally we need support with this process – and that’s where I hope I can help; guiding you to a more healthy, harmonious and enriched life – inside and out.

Kind Words

“Having explored many health and wellbeing practices for the last few years, I have to say that the work Robyn carries out is quite exceptional! Robyn is not only hugely passionate about the body & energy work she offers, but also has an incredible intuitive ability which allows her to go straight to the source of the issue and work directly in that space. Her ability to initiative important shifts within the body is amazing. Thank you Robyn for all that you have shared and helped me with”.


“Robyn is an amazing practitioner with such a warm and welcoming way. Being a bloke and a carpenter, it can be a bit daunting delving into the world of energy work, but Robyn came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. I went to her feeling quite low and disconnected and I definitely felt a lot better after my sessions. She helped me understand more about myself and my body and I look forward to my future sessions with her. She has a wealth of wisdom and helped me so much – worth the experience every time.”


“Within the first few moments of meeting Robyn at her Spirited workshop, I knew I had to book a one to one session. She exudes an incredibly loving, authentic & pure energy, which I’ve rarely come across.

I wholeheartedly recommend seeing Robyn whether it’s for emotional or physical issues, since she works intuitively on every level of your being.”


“Visits to Robyn are a wonderful, positive part of my life. She has helped me to navigate the last 16 years with hands on healing alongside intuitive, yet grounded advice. She always helps me to realise what I need to hear or do and within seconds of being in her presence I feel better, both physically and emotionally. Thanks to Robyn I am now empowered with a toolkit that I can use wherever I am, whatever arises. I completely trust Robyn and would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone.”


“Robyn has been very important to me at this major juncture in my life.
Through the sensory and spiritual of her Energy Integration practice, I have begun to unfold some of those lifelong creases in my nature.
I have been able to put into daily use, the techniques she has explained, and her heartfelt encouragement has been a powerful motivator.”


“My sessions with Robyn have been nothing short of miraculous. Her presence is so nurturing, caring, grounding, and instantly calming. Through her energy and body work she has been able to bring me out of my head and back in to my body and the present moment. With her help I have been able to get grounded, get present, and allow my spirit to soar. I couldn’t recommend Robyn enough to anyone who needs a shift and balance.”


“I found Robyn after recently being diagnosed with CFS. Whilst I was slowly upping my activity levels, my energy and spirits felt low. Robyn changed this for me. I never thought a Skype session could provide such an incredible breakthrough! I’ve started to feel more truly like myself than I have in many months. I would thoroughly recommend anyone finding it to difficult travel to try connecting with Robyn in this way. Her kindness,compassion, understanding & advice cannot be overestimated.”


“Robyn is extraordinary; someone who reaches to parts of your spirit you didn’t know existed or had forgotten about. She has what I call the nose; scents out what it is you want to work out, and then allows you to find the way…”


“Since attending Robyn’s yoga classes, I have found access to some much needed calmness.
She offers wise and practical techniques that have helped me manage the build up of stress throughout my busy life.
I have gained so much more than just being able to touch my toes!”


“Robyn has transformed my perspective, twice thus far; once before the birth of my baby, enabling me to connect with him through the birthing journey and deliver him calmly into the world – and the other 9 months into motherhood when I was struggling with finding the balance between my new identity as both a business owner and a new mother. In both instances, I felt supported, safe and shifted on a deep core level by Robyn, who gave me both an understanding of what I was feeling and the tools and visualisations to help me keep that clarity beyond the session. She’s is a true gift, a heart-lightener and a life-changer, and I’m so very grateful that we found each other.”

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