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Small steps

Taking Small Steps…

…along transformative paths.

What do you do when you just don’t feel like yourself, when something is out of balance?

I’m not talking about the really big stuff, more the everyday niggling sense that things could be a bit better.

A metaphor for this suddenly came to mind very clearly last week when helping my daughter with some home and garden renovations. We took on the job of revamping the front path (pictured above!) and it made me acutely aware of how small details can create an enormous impact.

In order to achieve a new look/feel and an inviting welcome, two main areas needed to be addressed.

Firstly, the borders. The need to give strong definition to a rather haphazard walkway proved to be a key ingredient. By creating a defined edge with rocks and woodwork a healthy framework formed. This subtle but vital structure made such an initial difference, and also made the next stage of internal improvements possible.

Then, the body of the path really had to be reinvigorated – years of wear and tear had left it sparse and depleted. But after just a couple of hours of re-laying new stones throughout the area, the path gained renewed depth and came to life.

That done, all that was left was to do some smoothing out. The therapeutic process of raking rebalanced the landscape – and it was ready and lovely!

You’re probably asking, How and why is this relevant to me?

Well, experience has taught me that when we are looking for change, our structure is a good place to start. Only when we have secured a strong foundation and helpful boundaries can we open up at heart level.

I thought a few tips for taking small steps might be useful here…..



Armouring is a term that describes the way we create physical barriers via our muscular and connective tissues.
For many reasons – injury, accidents, operations or purely habitual postures – these can become unconscious and often limiting patterns in our bodies.
However, by introducing a practice of awareness, starting new forms of exercise, stretching, strengthening and deep relaxation we have the potential to positively redefine our physical state and become architects of our anatomy.



When repetitive and detrimental thought patterns strike it’s often handy to take a reality check on what is going on in our heads.
By taking a breath and asking ourself ” Is this true? ” we begin to discriminate between fabrication and fact. So often the story in our head that is way off from the reality of a situation. It derives from a place of fear not truth.
Once we see this for what it is we have the chance to choose how we reframe our thinking.


Once we have reflected on how our body and mind could support us better, it is time to remember the role of spirit. It needs a boost just as much (if not more) than your body when you want to keep happy and healthy. So if you are ever not feeling yourself, try taking 5 minutes of quiet time to ask your heart: “What do I need to lift my spirit?”
This could lead to: “Who do I need to reach out to in this moment?” “What can I offer at this time?” “What/who makes my heart sing?”
By making this a regular practice you will be performing a nourishing spiritual workout, which is as vital and powerful as a physical one.
So next time you feel the need for a boost, check on your framework and your filling.


Warmest support for the tweaks along your way.

Robyn x


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