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These sessions are for anyone looking for clarity and insight on a particular health concern. Perhaps you have an ongoing physical issue or possibly a mental concern – such as, stress or anxiety – that is proving difficult to manage. It might be that you just feel a need to get back in control of your overall well-being.

Experience and science suggest that when we make time for deep listening, personal inquiry and exercise greater awareness we create the space for change to happen. This is the basis of the session which will also include the breathing techniques and guided relaxation that will enhance the healing experience.

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One-to-One Yoga Therapy · 30 or 60 mins

After getting an overview of your physical health, where we uncover areas of particular tension and stiffness, we will work through a bespoke sequence of stretches, accessible yoga poses and breath practices designed to support you best.

You will also receive a range of relevant tips and tools to help you maintain the changes moving forwards.

The session will end with a guided relaxation.

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The Calm Choice is a multi-format programme designed to empower people and teams who want to enhance their individual and collective wellbeing. 

The session (either 30min or 1hr) will help you understand where (and why) you hold certain stress patterns and offer the tools to better manage them.

We will begin with an overview of the stress response, exploring both its healthy and unhealthy aspects, identify some common triggers and share practical techniques.  

Then, once you’re comfortable (cushions/blankets are encouraged), Robyn will guide you in a 15-20 minute deep relaxation to close. This practice is invaluable in boosting immunity and steadying the nervous system, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


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