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Healthy living

My ABC For Healthy Living

Awareness, Belief and Connection.

Having enjoyed 30 years as a therapist, and more recently a yoga teacher, I have seen the profound difference choice can make to our lives. In my experience, most of us seeking change in our fitness and wellbeing look for guidance from a variety of sources.

Whether the intention is to redefine our physical body, rebalance our mind or reconnect to our spirit, this ABC formula aims to serve as a practical guide for all levels of being.



This is a very good place to start (as echoed in The Sound of Music!) It is through the process of checking in and acknowledging where you are at that things can actually begin to shift.

Body Awareness:

By regularly taking time to notice areas of tension, heaviness and low energy, your body can give you vital feedback.

Also by staying open to reassessing your exercise choices and asking the question: “Do I need more flow, strength, energy or flexibility?” you will serve yourself better. It is remarkable how often we focus on one area of our physical needs at the cost of the others.

The all-important aspect of relaxation and its role in rest and digest cannot be underestimated. This balancing feature of your health can only step up if you make time for it
Reflecting on and adjusting how we prioritise relaxation and breath work is an essential factor in improving your health.

Thought Awareness:

As mindfulness increasingly becomes part of everyday life, opportunities are popping up to explore this area. Whether it is this route or another meditative practice, the power of the thinking mind cannot be ignored when talking wellness.

On a daily basis you can really experience change in your mental focus and clarity as well as anxiety levels and sleep concerns by tuning in to your thoughts.

By stopping and noting your mental patterns you can choose to pause and press reset, this alone could prove to be the catalyst for further significant and healthy shifts in your thinking.

Spiritual Awareness: 

For many of us this is a less tangible aspect of our wellbeing.
However, it can be extremely helpful to note how well and happy we can feel when lost in a state of expansion and wonder.
Whether we experience this sense of connection to “the big picture” via culture, the arts or nature – making time for this aspect of ourselves can prove to be an all important uplift and reboot to our wellness.

Together these three areas of awareness have the capacity to kick start positive change in any aspect of our health.



Do you believe things can be different? How much do you want this change?

These are really core questions for us when we are looking for things to be different. By answering it honestly we are laying the foundations for any shift needed. If we don’t really believe that we can alter habits/patterns by making healthier choices our bodies, minds and spirits are unable to recalibrate.

The well-known practice of affirmations that Lorna Jane use can prove incredibly useful in this arena of your health.By picking one or creating your own and writing/voicing it regularly, healthy belief systems are reinforced.

‘I am well, happy and at ease’ is one that has worked wonders for me.



One of the great benefits of attending exercise classes and sports clubs is the social interraction with others. The resulting positive effect from the released dopamine and oxytocin are widely discussed as essential in enabling our hearts to thrive.

Even if we choose a more solitary form of exercise, it is all important to feed our spirits with uplifting fun-filled activities.
Finally to fully understand the role our hearts play in wellbeing we can’t underestimate the qualities of service and gratitude. Self- reflection and awareness needs to be balanced with outer connection to improve health for all.

The process of reflecting on and reviewing our wellbeing is a good habit to create.
With this ABC guide we have the opportunity and the tools to tweak and shift any areas that may need it.

Healthier living then becomes an achievable reality.


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