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This offering is for therapists, teachers and anyone looking to explore, understand and manage their energetic bodies better.

After 30 years as a therapist and 15 years as a teacher I have noticed that my clarity, intuition and effectiveness is strongly linked to how well I manage my energy.

I have been fortunate to have been taught by many great teachers in body work, energy integration and intuitive & spiritual studies, whose knowledge and support has been invaluable in giving me tools to better both my clients and myself.

So, I have created a short individualised mentoring package which enables me to pass some of these teachings and insights on to anyone looking for similar professional guidance.

How does it work?

It is a three month programme, during which you will have 1 x 60 min session (in person or Skype) each month and 1 x 30 min check in via phone mid month.

This means you will have support every two weeks throughout the mentorship.

What will the sessions involve?

To a great extent this will be dependant on your specific needs.

However, we will follow a basic framework which will help us navigate the energy system both logically and intuitively.

Session 1: Grounding & Foundations

Session 2: Getting yourself out of the way in the healing process

Session 3: Giving guidance from a still place

How much and when is it?

I am offering this to only three clients at a time, this allows me to fully focus on their needs.

The first mentoring package begins in April 2020, the deadline for application is Friday March 27th.

The cost for the three month mentoring package is £425. Places will be offered on a first come basis.

What do I do next?

Send me an email explaining what you are wanting from the mentoring process and any relevant studies you may have undertaken.

NO problem at all if you are diving in as a novice, the only prerequisite is a curious mind and an open heart

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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