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How to anchor your vision

How To Anchor Your Vision

And create a new horizon.

Just before December drew to a close, I hosted a vision board workshop for 14 women looking to honour the year that had past and set intentions for the new one to come.

The purpose of an intuitive, creative exercise like this is to allow our rational minds to hand over control to the more expansive wisdom of our hearts; a vital surrender when we want to experience a new level of insight and guidance from within.

After three hours of creative play, all the participants took a step back and reflected on the scene that emerged on their previously blank canvases.

Naturally there was a mixed response – ranging from bewilderment to affirmation – about where the subconscious had led and what it had produced.

As we shared amongst the group, it was clear that everyone’s individual visuals had their own clear tone and theme.

However, barely a breath was taken before an outpouring of questions were voiced…

Why did I choose that?
What does this picture really mean for me?
When and how can I possibly make this happen?

How could this be achievable in my life right now?

All this assessing, analysing and doubtful thinking highlighted a common challenge for most of humankind – how do we stay out of our heads long enough for the possibility of a new reality to take hold?

Allowing ourselves to experience and trust the unknown is testing for most of us to say the least!

So, what are the qualities that we need when wanting to anchor a new vision? How do we move from possibility to probability and finally reach inevitability?

The metaphor that comes to mind for me is that of a sailor drifting around a shoreline, feeling keen to explore a new bay but also tentative about embarking on a unpredictable journey to get there. Would it be worth the risk?

I have found curiosity, commitment and a degree of faith to be the essential elements when seeking new horizons.

If we imagine the boat to be our body, it’s a vessel that requires strength and resilience to endure the waves and currents that it might encounter

〜 This is a good time to make a priority of leg, hip and core exercises. They will reinforce the vital foundations required for endurance.

Meanwhile the sails represent the mind, where knowledge and mental flexibility are key to making clear decisions and choosing the path of least resistance.

〜 Practising mindfulness or meditation for just 5 minutes a day will significantly improve the clarity of your mind. Just like the body, the mind needs to be trained.

Finally, the wind is the spirit. That invisible energy we all have that, when harnessed and utilised, directs you to discover your best.

〜 Make time to feed your spirit by regularly doing things that make you feel expansive and at ease. These are things we often neglect but they’re vital to reaching our goals. Without them you are ignoring the innate wisdom of your heart.

By addressing the needs of your body, mind and spirit in this way it is far easier to navigate any period of transition.

And as we begin to see a new horizon, the reality of change dawns and the motivation to continue with the transformation accelerates.

Finally, we arrive at a place that feels right. A new feeling emerges and begins to embed in every layer of our being.

Now, all that is left to do is to give yourself a pat on the back, drop anchor and enjoy the new landscape.


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