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Workshop: Yin – The Inside Story

Saturday 11 December 2021, 2pm – 5pm
Thaxted Yoga, Essex, UK

The Details

We all need time to pause and reset, and just before the Christmas season is a perfect opportunity.

Following nature’s lead, we will spend the afternoon regrouping with ourselves through the nourishing practice of Yin yoga.

This slow, quiet, reflective practice encourages us to dive deeply into our tissues and be present with anything that arises.

What you will take away:

* A greater sense of stability and groundedness

* An awareness of your deep connective tissues and how they impact your flexibility and your wellness

* A home practice that will help you balance the doing/ being aspects of yourself


All the practices will have variations/ options, so anybody wanting to experience Yin yoga is welcome.

If you are at all worried about particular injuries or illness, then please contact me 

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