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Sold Out · The Spirited Summer Retreat

Sunday 19th August – Thursday 23rd August 2018
Mandali, Italy

The Details


I am DELIGHTED to announce that I will be co-hosting a Spirited Retreat in Northern Italy this August and would love for you to join us between the hills and lakes of this magnificent part of the world.

Rebecca Campbell & I founded The Spirited Project nearly 5 years ago with the intention to create a warm, fun and accessible forum for Londoners to explore the spiritual aspect of their nature on a regular basis.

It grew well beyond our original vision and we’ve since hosted Spirited sessions in Sydney, Australia, at Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, and even once on a fire escape on a Marylebone rooftop! What all of these events have shared in common are amazing people, all committed to listening to and following the calls of their hearts.

So it would only be right to listen to our own, and extend our offering further in our first ever Spirited Retreat.

I visited the beautiful Mandali Retreat Center in a moment of serendipity and immediately knew it was going to be the perfect space to host our work. Despite being in the midst of construction, Mandali’s magic potential was unquestionable. Now fully ready and booked out for a group of Spirited retreaters this summer, it’s the ideal backdrop for our spirits to soar!

To find out more – including timings, costings, room options and FAQs, click here.

And, as always, if you have any additional questions please reach out (

Cari saluti!
Robyn x

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