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Past · Your ABC for Wholehearted Health

Saturday 19th May 2018
9.30am – 12.30pm
42 Acres Shoreditch, London, UK

The Details


Entitled ‘Awareness, Beliefs & Connection – your ABC for Wholehearted Health’, this workshop will help participants better understand and uncover a deeper sense of health and happiness for themselves.

Many of us instinctively search externally when we want to feel better or fix a situation in our lives, which tends to leave us disengaged, dissatisfied and discontented.

However, using this ABC as a guide gives us a structure to find answers from within – and therefore a far greater sense of empowerment in our lives.

The workshop will celebrate the roles of your head & your heart, movement & stillness and the gifts of reflection & listening.

This relaxed morning is open to anyone wanting to explore their unique recipe for wholehearted health. No experience of anything other than life is required. Please bring some paper and a pen, and wear comfy clothes. Tea & brownies provided!

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