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POSTPONED // Awareness, Beliefs & Connection: Your ABC for Wholehearted Health

Now Spring 2018 (date TBC)

The Details

Entitled ‘Awareness, Beliefs & Connection – your ABC for Wholehearted Health’, this workshop will help participants better understand and uncover a deeper sense of health and happiness for themselves.

Many of us instinctively search externally when we want to feel better or fix a situation in our lives, which tends to leave us disengaged, dissatisfied and discontented.

However, by using this ABC as a guide we begin to have a structure that enables us to discover answers from within – a that model allows us to have a far greater sense of empowerment in our lives.

The workshop will celebrate the roles of your head & your heart, movement & stillness and the gifts of reflection & listening.

This relaxed morning is open to anyone wanting to explore their unique recipe for wholehearted health. No experience of anything other than life is required. Do bring paper and pen, water and comfy clothes (extra layers and socks might be good.)

Spring 2018 (date TBC) , 9.15am - 12.45pm
42 Acres, 66 Leonard St, Shoreditch
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