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Earth’s Time

“Every season has an end – for a harvest to begin.”

September can be such a magical month in England. The intense bright strong energy of summer yields and gets replaced by the cooler, gentler energy of autumn. It’s a naturally transitory time, so a perfect opportunity to regroup, tweak habits and introduce new practices.

In Chinese medicine this period of time (roughly the end of August to the end of September) is associated with the element of Earth. The energy lines (i.e. meridians) associated with this season and element are the stomach and the spleen. It’s an energy of nurture and nourishment – just as the earth experiences harvest, we too are invited to honour and digest what we’ve sown earlier in the year. 

This makes it a great time time to be curious, reflect and adapt how we nurture ourselves and what truly nourishes us at every level.

If you’d like some guidance through this, I’ve shared some practical ideas and personal exercises below. 


Both a physical and mental approach to rebooting your core can be very useful at this time. Choosing an activity like Pilates, which focusses on your abdominals, will build your energy from the inside. Twisting movements are another way that we can support our digestion. 

Belly breathing is such a valuable practice on so many levels. Firstly, it stimulates the rest/digest mode of our nervous system, which also improves the effectiveness of our digestive system. It also brings about a calmer state of mind, which is especially welcome during stomach/spleen season, as overthinking can be symptomatic of an imbalance in those energetic areas.


Revisiting your goals and making to do lists with achievable deadlines is a really useful practice and well worth prioritising. Asking yourself: “What is truly important to me?” and then noticing the value and energy you give to these things can be both enlightening and game changing. As is exploring how you do – or don’t – receive support. Could connecting with select people help you in any way?


Getting out in nature offers such a beneficial boost – whether that’s walking, climbing, running or just being outdoors.

It’s so important to take time to really honour Mother Nature and thank her for all she offers us. After all, there is no greater nurturer or source of nourishment. So make time to stop and reflect on “What do I do for the Earth?” No doubt we could all step up in a much bigger way for our planet.


There can be a slight sense of loss as we lose the long summer days and the freedom they bring. However, after a few weeks a new rhythm emerges.

One way to enjoy the shift is by choosing a new creative activity – maybe a workshop or a new evening class. Getting involved in a community project  and offering service can also be an act of self-nurture as well as hugely beneficial for the wider world. A sense of belonging is key component of the earth element in ourselves.

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